The Sound of Music Andrew Lloyd Webber Mirvish Royal Ontario Museum El Anatsui Exhibition LEGO Discovery Centers CocaCola_Van_Olympic_Torch_relay_Vehicle Beyond Wonderland Stage
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The Sound of Music
Andrew Lloyd Webber / Mirvish

El Anatsui Exhibition
Royal Ontario Museum

Discovery Centres

Coca Cola's Vancouver Olympic Torch Relay
Lead Vehicle

Beyond Wonderland

In the News:

Great Lakes Rides for Heart & Stroke

Once again it is time for the Great Lakes Hearty Party to ride for Heart & Stroke in their Big Bike fundraising campaign. Last year was our first year an we ended up winning a spirit award, rasing money and awareness for a cause that touches us all. Plus, it was an absolute blast! Looking forward to smashing records this year. Team Captains this year are Joe Kondrat and Sonya Maheux. To join our team or to donate, just click here: GLSS Heart & Stroke Link.  Looking forward to a great ride, woking together!